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After twenty-five years of camping at music festivals, we have gotten pretty good at it. Coming to a festival prepared, makes all the difference. At 2AM, when all the vendors are closed, it's the prepared person that will be having a great time. If you have all the bases covered, you can enjoy your buzz and the festival.

Over the years, we have tried a lot of camping gear. We decided that we are going to share with you, the camping gear that did the best for us. As you may have learned, there are good tents and bad tents. You don't know if it's a good tent, until the big rainstorm comes. We are going to share info on how to pick out a tent that won't leak, as well as other camping gear that you might need to survive a music Country Music Festival. 

Music Festival Tips for Camping

It sucks to be drunk, out of water, no food, and a dead lighter. It also sucks when you have no warm clothes, and your tent isn't set up yet. This is what most people deal with on their first night at a music festival.

When you opt to start partying instead of setting up your tent, you have made your first mistake. Most first-time festival goers make this mistake every time. Taking care of a few details before the festival, makes the rest of the festival go smoothly.

Set up your tent as soon as you get to the festival. Do it when it is warm, not raining, you have light, and you can get help from a friend if you need it. Don't wait until you are drunk. It makes it very hard. Another reason for setting up your tent early, is that other people take the good spots. Also, it is important to set up your tent on a high spot. If you set up in a low spot, you will probably wake up in a mud puddle when it rains. It happens a lot.

Don't forget your charger

Our phones have become important to us. At festivals, it is a great way to find your friends. You can use GPS to get to the festival. Plus, you can record your favorite parts of the show. This is not easy if you have a dead battery for most of the weekend. Don't forget your charger. Most phone batteries are only $6 on Ebay. Having an extra battery for your cell phone is really convenient at a festival.

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